Website Accessibility Checker Online

Website accessibility has layers that define the site’s navigation. A website accessibility checker online has to adhere to a few... Website Accessibility Checker Online
Website Accessibility Checker Online

Website accessibility has layers that define the site’s navigation. A website accessibility checker online has to adhere to a few standard principles that will examine a site in similar ways. Website Comply follows at least these four principalities in the function:

  • Test for perception to test the sound, touch, and sight of the website.
  • Test for efficient operation on the controls, forms, and navigational tools.
  • Test for comprehension of the user interface and content
  • Test for sturdiness while using assistive technology

The availability of website accessibility checker online was not an instant development. A procedural integration came about with trial errors from previous website developers. Understanding the history of these features allows us to form an idea about the importance of the tools.

History of WCAG tools

Dr. Cynthia’s standards

Dr. Cynthia Waddell developed a web design standard in 1995 to improvise the function of San Jose’s site on equality assurance. She stated that all website designers who work for the city should follow a set of specifications that define accessibility. The standards included the following:

  • Image descriptions using alt tag texts
  • Text descriptions for audios and videos
  • Explicit caps for two columns in each HTML table. This setting reduced damage to the landscape of a browser’s display.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by W3C

The standard was the beginning of formalizing styling of the World Wide Web. All browsers had access to a set of styles that governed the outlook of a site. Accessibility then became an essential issue with browsers rivaling to make the process as easy as possible.

First online checker by Cynthia Waddell

The executive director of the International Center for Disability Resources promoted the importance of accessibility to a broader online community. She triggered the development of the first company to check the accessibility of sites using specialized software. Website developers could test the performance of the site by inputting the URL into a field and clicking submit. The result was either ‘pass’ or ’fail.’

Bobby online checker

Bobby became a hit after its release in 1997. The software started with multiple errors, which soon evolved as the legislations of accessibility also developed. The software tested for proper structure and intention of the site. All high-ranking developers understood that Bobby was the best website accessibility checker online, until its decline in 2005.


There are hundreds of online checkers that promise to give you an accurate insight into the site’s accessibility. Business owners who high revered website developers are bound to have the optimization of availability. Hiring a website auditing service protects you from any missed integration.

Website Comply has an online checker that only requires you to insert the URL for extensive checking. We also have a team of developers and designers that will edit your site to include the necessary additions.

Website Comply uses Level AAA to adhere to WCAG compliance. This particular standard employs advanced techniques to deliver more excellent results. Different levels of accessibility are Level A and Level AAA. Both of these give websites the recommended accessibility status.