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Why Do You Need A Web Design Austin TX? There are plenty of reasons to have a presence on the internet,... Web Design Austin

Why Do You Need A Web Design Austin TX?

There are plenty of reasons to have a presence on the internet, not all are directly related to sales, but most are associated with that bottom line of your tax statement. The goal of a website is not always to sell a product or service; sometimes it merely provides company information, to save you time, to keep personnel, to provide better customer service, to sell advertising or just because you want one. The reasons can be as vast as the possibility of the designs, so let's hit on a few of the critical purposes of a website:

  1. Direct selling on the internet. This is the obvious one. More and more purchases are being made online. If you have a product or service to sell. This could be a great addition to your current sales.
  2. Online presence. People don't just shop online; they search for the places they go shopping and research the companies they want to do business with. Even for those have nothing to sell online or do not want to sell online, presence (a small one) online is almost a necessity in today's market.
  3. Save Time. Sometimes a lot of phone calls are good for business, but sometimes they just take time away from more important things. By placing some of this information online, you could direct those callers to your website.
  4. Customer Service. While an online presence for current customers can save time, it can also increase your bottom line by increasing your customer satisfaction.

Why Not Design A Website Yourself?

Despite what anyone tells you, you can build a site yourself. There are even online resources for you to build and host your site online. If any design firm says, you can't make a simple website on your own, turn around and walk away. Sometimes all you need is the time to do it. However, there are advantages to hiring a design firm.

  1. Knowledge and Resources. This would be the most important reason to hire a design firm. They will have the experience, resources, and software to develop pages and graphics that are properly optimized, avoid the problems that hurt your site on the search engines and be able to suggest new ideas for your website.
  2. Browsers and Screen Resolutions. A design firm will also know what designs have cross-browser and resolution functionality. Just because your site looks right on your computer using Internet Explorer 5.0 at 800×600 resolution, does not mean it will look the same to someone using Netscape, an older browser or a more significant screen resolution. Then you also have to consider Mac users and Web TV users.
  3. Time. Your time is valuable. Sometimes the time it would take for you to design your site, find adequate hosting and make your submissions is just not worth it.
  4. Programming. When a site requires functionality, databases or custom scripting, it is always smart to hire a designer. Even if you want to do the design of the site yourself, there is a lot of server knowledge, thought and research that must go into scripting and database work. At least hire a consultant to advise you on the best languages to use for what you are trying to do.
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