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Many design agencies use the terms – UI and UX Design often interchangeably. However, it is important to differentiate between these two aspects of the design process.

User Experience (UX) design addresses user’s needs, wants, frustrations, and pain-points by gaining a deep understanding of the user’s entire journey from the packaging, beginning of the product installation to the storage. UX designers fully immerse themselves into all phases of the project, including user and competitive research, workflows, conceptual design, usability testing, and visual design. By comparison, User Interface (UI) design involves shaping the manner in which people interact with a product. It is the layout, feel, and visual designs of the interaction point between a user and a product’s interface.

The best UI UX design agencies will not only understand the important differences between these two disciplines, they will also employ designers who specialize in each and work collaboratively with your team towards providing your product with the best user experience possible.

Below are five UI UX design agencies that stand out from the rest.

1. Areteworks
Based in Southern California, Areteworks has become an award-winning UI UX Design agency with a well-earned reputation for innovative, intuitive UX Design, winning awards for Best UX and UI Design for 5 continuous years (2019 – 2015). Our proprietary design process has given Areteworks the unique tools to design and deploy intuitive and inspiring user experience solutions for numerous clients, including Samsung, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Edwards Lifesciences, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Among Areteworks’ numerous design services are UX design, UI design, empathy research, competitive analysis, formative and summative usability testing, visual design and software development. In addition, our team of designers conduct innovation Workshops with client stakeholders to generate unique and actionable design ideas that act as key competitive differentiators, setting your company apart in a marketplace. Our team of UX specialists have extensive design knowledge and expertise to leverage our understanding of UX design principles towards guaranteeing a successful launch of your product.
2. UX studio
UX studio is a UI UX design agency based in Budapest that specializes in websites, mobile and desktop apps and has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. Utilizing a lean UX process, this company has created more than 250 UX projects to date, for clients including Google, Netflix, and HBO. Their range of design services also includes user experience training courses, expert UX audits, and a number of different UX and product management consulting services.

3. Codal
With over 160 clients, Codal has positioned itself as a leading UI UX Design agency, with clients including United airlines, Motorola, and Pepsi. Among Codal’s many accomplishments is being named in the Top 1000 Global B2B Companies of 2019. Specializing in web and mobile apps, including ecommerce, Codal has worked over the years in a wide variety of industries, including consumer, business services, healthcare, and education.

4. AndPlus
AndPlus is a UI UX Design agency that emphasizes innovation and collaboration. Based in Massachusetts, AndPlus is not only known for their stellar UX design work, but also for cultivating a positive work environment for their UX design specialists. They have worked with a number of well-established companies such as Bloomberg and Honeywell, along with budding start-ups. AndPlus employs a multidisciplinary team of designers to provide their clients with powerful and creative user experiences for their web applications.

5. Lighthouse
Established in 2008, Lighthouse is a London-based UX and UI design agency with a strong emphasis on research and validation. Their diverse team of designers have a wide range of background and UX Design experience, making them great collaborators with both large companies and small start-ups. Their clients include Propio, HPI and Migrate.

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