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So you have finished making a short film, what do you have to do now to get it to your... Top Film Marketing Company

Top Film Marketing Company

So you have finished making a short film, what do you have to do now to get it to your target audience? Marketing is an essential element in the world of film production. Marketing film is an important step to promoting your craft and building an audience. Whether it is to further your career or gain recognition, whatever the reason for considering film marketing, we at 360WiSE have put together a comprehensive list of the topmost effective film marketing strategies.

Set your goals and know your audience

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want to achieve with my short film?”. This will help give your film marketing plan a structure. Once you have decided on your goal, then you can start working on your plan: who your audiences are and your overall budget for the film marketing. Defining target audience is also an important factor in preproduction, but understanding who your audience is and where they can be found online will help you get your films in front of the right people.

Develop a strategy

It is not enough to just send out your film to hundreds of random places and hope for the best. Creating an effective strategy early on is essential to the success of your film production. For instance, choosing your festivals based on subject, proximity, or niche audiences can work in your favor if you play your cards right.

While everyone wants to attend Tribeca or Sundance, does your short movies look like it belongs on the festival lineup? You will need to find a festival that suits your audience and your short movie.

Build an online presence

Building an online presence for your short movie takes a long time, and you really should have started way before your movie production commence. For instance, setting up a dynamic landing page or website that act as the center for most of your online marketing strategies is essential. Then you can supplement this with lots of content.

The significance of creating attractive content cannot be overstated. You want your audience to be fascinated with your work. You can also decide to write blogs about the themes of your films. You can get a top film marketing company to help you create contents that will attract your audience’s interest and show them what they have been missing.

Start spreading the news

There are a whole lot of podcasts and publications that are talking about everything, including short films. So, take the time to go through the huge number of platforms out there and focus on the ones that will likely give you the traction you require. You can start by creating a list of top-tier outlets and select the one that meets your specific need. You should also create a profile for your content on all social media platforms.

If you are looking for a top film marketing company to help connect you with your audience? Contact 360WiSE to learn more about how we can help your film production company with an effective and successful digital marketing campaign.



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