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Slater Strategies is an SEO company in Palm Beach that uses best practices, including white hat SEO techniques to get... Seo Company Palm Beach

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Slater Strategies is an SEO company in Palm Beach that uses best practices, including white hat SEO techniques to get our clients ranked on the first page of Google. Of course, SEO is a numbers game, so we can't expect that we will rank top 3 or even top 10 for all of your keywords, but it is reasonable to suspect that we can rank top 10 for at least 50% of your keywords. This means we can typically get at least 5/10 keywords in the top 10 search results (the first page) of Google.

Slater Strategies is a White Hat SEO Company in Palm Beach

Please, be patient. SEO takes time. At least, white hat SEO takes time. Any SEO company in Palm Beach that promises instant or rapid results is a liar, or they are using black hat SEO strategies. In either case, you should avoid them like the plague! We'll discuss why you should avoid such SEO companies momentarily, but first, let's dive deeper into the subject of white hat SEO and what all it entails.

Why Slater Strategies Only Uses White SEO

White hat SEO is the best kind of SEO, and as you will see, it is the only kind you should pay for. For a brand new website that is targeting new keywords, you can expect 6 to 9 months before you start seeing a real spike in traffic. After 9 months to a year, Google will start to trust your content and give your site some domain and page authority. When this happens, you can start to target some moderately-difficult keywords.

Using white hat SEO means that, rather than tricking or manipulating the search engines to get fast results, we give the search engines what they want. What do search engines want? The search engines want to see a number of signals that indicate your content is a great source for whatever keywords you are trying to rank for. For example, if you were trying to rank for the keyword phrase "Best painter in Palm Beach," then Google wants to see that your content is the best source for this keyword before they keep recommending it to their users.

What SEO Signals is Google Looking for?

  • Helpful, useful content that solves a problem better than any other content
  • People linking to your content
  • People staying on your website for more than one minute
  • People visiting more than one page on your website
  • People sharing your content on social media

Why You Should Not Hire a Black Hat SEO Company in Palm Beach

Remember, easy come, easy go! While it is true that there are SEO agencies that can rank your content within as little as one week, these kinds of results typically don't last. These SEO companies use tactics like:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Content cloaking
  • Black hat link building
  • Doorway pages
  • Page swapping

What happens to websites that get caught using black hat SEO techniques is that they get penalized by Google. This penalty can be temporary or permanent. Imagine spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to get knocked out the search rankings because your SEO vendor used black hat tactics. That is why you need a reputed SEO company in Palm Beach like Slater Strategies.

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