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As you may already know, online reputation management softwares are also referred to as review management software. And they are... Best Rated Reputation Management Software

As you may already know, online reputation management softwares are also referred to as review management software. And they are created to aid in the monitoring of virtual conversations involving a business’, across many platforms. 

The way-outs provided by these reputation management softwares, assist companies in the identification and response to reviews. Bad reviews identified are immediately quelled, while good reviews are further publicized. 

But to get the best rated online reputation management software, you need to know what to look out for. Before we delve into the guide to select the best online reputation management software, here are the types of online reputation management softwares you’ll find. 

Types of Online Reputation Management Software

There are two approaches for any online reputation management software. It is either proactive or reactive to customer feedback/review. 

Reactive ORM softwares are designed to specially afford tracking tools to identify positive conversations and also sense and censor negative reviews.

On the other hand, Proactive ORM softwares are designed with tools like review request forms, SMS, and so on for getting customer reviews.  

Moreover, depending on a company’s foresight, they could be aiming to engage both approaches. This means they’ll have to create a hybrid version, which comes from the blend of reactive and proactive. 

Features To Look Out For When Choosing A Reputation Management Software

There are different features that make  online reputation management softwares sought after. They include features that assist businesses in garnering, tracking, analyzing and distributing customer feedback.

Customer feedback

An online reputation management software is created to source reviews from different platforms and keep them as history.  

This method of storage lets users have access to virtually all their online reviews. And they do this via one synergized platform, saving them.the hassle of raking through individual sites. 

Also, apart from garnering more reviews, ORM softwares engage feedback data to better a business’ operation and polish its reputation.

Review generation

When it comes to online reputation management softwares, a large chunk of them have features that allow you to do a number of things. On most of them, you can send emails, chats and so on. Also, in some companies, they synergize these softwares with their products as opposed to using them.independently.

So you need to be sure of the review feature in the ORM softwares you look to choose. 

Competitive intelligence

To see how they measure up, companies can decide to pitch their reputation against a competitor’s. 

Thus, all genuine online reputation management softwares have to provide such competitive intelligence features that allows users to track their competitors’ reputations, and also monitor customer bias in real time. 

The data garnered from such intelligence features can help businesses spot loopholes in competitors’ dealings and take advantage of their naivety.

Sentiment analysis

When you are to get an online reputation management software, you should look out for the incorporation of natural language processing (NLP) software algorithms. They are very crucial in the analysis of the text of a review or social media message. 

Afterwards, these messages can be identified as either good or malicious. This analysis gives users a greater view of how customers feel about their product or service.  

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Best Rated Reputation Management Software